BK Trivedi

BK Trivedi

Sales Consultant

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Living a legacy, Leaving a legacy

Prior to entering Real Estate my professional experience was in telecommunication industry serving consumer and business clients for their communication needs and connecting people.  I have worked with in Telecommunication industry just over a decade leading sales, advocacy and people development. I have based my life on a solid foundation of integrity, loyalty and trust.

I continue to maintain an active interest in the happiness, growth and safety of our community.

The word legacy is frequently used to describe the property that people leave their heirs when they leave this world. But we all leave behind another kind of legacy…This legacy comprises a lifetime of relationships, accomplishments, truths, values and it lives on in those whose lives we’ve touched.

I am honored to be able to contribute to seeing you build your own legacy… starting with your own ideas, interests and values, I’ll help you to see your dream come through to fruition and help you make the right investment for your future.